A little blessing for Jerry + Alice...

If you look out there in the far off blue, dream of silence, and you'll see my island of love for you. 

Take my hand as we go to this place with no rules, where we'll dance with sunshine in our hair and whisper love stories until we're bare. 

Endless warm days filled with nudie swims and sun-kissed skins, and endless cool nights snuggled un wooden beanies sipping Gin martinis.

This is our island in the deep blue, where our souls meld and our hearts open true; where our love shines bright alongside the fireflies light. 

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Wedding ceremony locations in Tasmania

Choosing the most perfect location for your ceremony and party is super special and fun. Things to consider; guest numbers, outdoors vs indoors, where do you like to play and fun? venue or self cater... think of your ceremony as being in a sacred place - a place that unites people, or is stunningly beautiful, or is meaningful to you in someway.

Here is an acknowledgement for ancient people who once lived on the east coast of Tasmania... 

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