Wedding ceremony locations in Tasmania

Choosing the most perfect location for your ceremony and party is super special and fun. Things to consider; guest numbers, outdoors vs indoors, where do you like to play and have fun? venue or self cater... think of your ceremony as being in a sacred place - a place that unites people, or is stunningly beautiful, or is meaningful to you in someway.

Here is an acknowledgement for ancient people who once lived on the east coast of Tasmania... 

I would like to acknowledge the ancient custodians of this stunning landscape. The land on which we gather are traditional homelands of those people from the Great Oyster Bay Nation who lived in seasonal rhythm with their cultural and spiritual life for thousands of generations. Certain cycles of the moon announced the time when local and neighbouring clans came together, to participate in marriage rituals and to tell cultural and spiritual stories using song and dance. Today we pay respect to the generations of people who once gathered here.

wedding ceremony locations tasmania