Kimberley & Amy  |  Bruny Island, Tasmania

Kimberley & Amy  |  Bruny Island, Tasmania

venue  |  Bruny Island Lodge, Tasmania
photo  |  Fred + Hannah

film  |  The Love Lab
music  I  Hugo Bladel

florals  |  Lovely Flowers by Fiona
wedding coordinators  |  Two Doves

watch Kimberley + Amy's wedding film by The Love Lab

Kimberley & Amy

When Kimberley + Amy first contacted me, I just knew this was going to be one amazing occasion! Like all of us, they have their own story filled with love, passion and heartache ... and it was vital that their ceremony honoured this. With honest reflection, and eagerness for the future, their story unfolded... blessings and well wishes floated on the breeze; promises and thank you's touched our hearts; and the piñata announcement had us in tears of laughter! 

Working with Merren was incredible. Right from our first phone call through to the ceremony and the beautiful texts and messages since she has made us both feel loved and completely understood what our day meant to us.

When we were looking for a celebrant we asked our photographers for ‘a celebrant who wasn’t boring!’ And we got so much more. Merren is such a beautiful soul and through her amazing work she lets the ceremony radiate with love, like herself. Including elements that were important to us, honouring people who could not be there and giving us the most beautiful blessing that continues with us everyday. She made our wedding day so meaningful.

She made us and our guests laugh, love, shed tears of joy and happiness throughout the ceremony and for that we will be forever thankful.

Thank you Merren for being the amazing soul you are, please please continue in the work that you are destined to do. You bring so much joy, happiness and love to all that you meet and we are so very glad that we were two of those souls that were lucky enough to meet you and have you work with us in making our new family, The Gallos.
— Kimberley & Amy

Mitch & Nikita  |  Thalia Haven, East Coast, Tasmania

Mitch & Nikita  |  Thalia Haven, East Coast, Tasmania

venue  |  Thalia Haven, Tasmania
photo  |  Janneke Storm Photography 
film  |  The Love Lab
florals  |  Flora Gondwana
style  |  Style My Day 

watch Mitch + Nikita's wedding film by the Love Lab

Mitch & Nikita

An intimate ceremony with Mitch + Nikita's most treasured family. We stood on the grassy cliff at Thalia Haven, east coast Tasmania. The Hakka welcomed us; the fire warmed our hearts and souls in rememberance of Nikita's dad; we wrote little blessings on stones and then we threw these stones into the sea below where love and blessings flow forever more.

Thank you, thank you Merren for being part of our day. We are still on a massive high from it all! No wonder everyone says it is the best day of their lives... what a hoot! We all had such an amazing time and our family kept commenting on how wonderful you were and how personalised our ceremony was. Thank you for being the perfect fit for us.
— Mitch & Nikita

Lucy & Malte  |  Piccaninny Point, East Coast Tasmania

Lucy & Malte  |  Piccaninny Point, East Coast Tasmania

venue  |  Piccaninny Point, Tasmania
photo  |  Cassie Sullivan Photography
florals  |  family + friends
style  |  family + friends

Lucy & Malte

Malte + Lucy brought their family and friends from all over the world to Tasmania's majestic east coast. Everyone had a role to play, everyone pitched in, from delicately setting the outdoor tables to creating a massive seaweed circle for their beach ceremony, it was an inclusive occasion from the very beginning. 

We could not of imagined anyone with more love and kindness guiding us through our wedding.
Merren just put that extra special touch and special thought into our ceremony which made our day perfect.
From the beginning to the end, Merren helped us to turn all our wishes into reality, alongside her professional advice to fulfil the legal requirements.
Thank you Merren x
— Lucy & Malte

Myra & Nick  |  Frogmore Creek Wines, Tasmania

Myra & Nick  |  Frogmore Creek Wines, Tasmania

venue  |  Frogmore Creek Wines, Cambridge Tasmania
photo  |   Candice Carlin Photography + Design

Myra & Nick

Myra + Nick's warm-hearted ceremony was filled with grace and love. Myra's mum warmed and blessed their wedding rings, and a dear friend lovingly wrote a beautiful piece of music especially for their ceremony. Inclusive, honest and meaningful ... 

Dear Merren
It has been almost a year since you married us. We feel so poorly that it had taken us this long to reach you, especially because you were such an important and wonderful part of our union process. But in a way, it only serves as a testament to you, that even long after the champagne was poured, the cake was eaten and memories were made, you still remain in our hearts.

For a young couple planning their wedding, the act of deciding on a celebrant can be daunting. These days there are so many choices and a large checklist to consider. However I think the hallmark of a great celebrant is someone that makes you forget about the checklist, while ticking them all anyway. You were exactly that person for us, plus some.

From the moment when we met, you made us feel at ease and comfortable. You listened and took time to understand us. You held our hands through the whole process without forcing any other agendas. You helped us personalise our ceremony and made it unique to our story. But most importantly you removed stress by working diligently & meticulously with us, while keeping us calm & collected.

We cannot thank you enough for the aforementioned. It resulted in the most beautiful celebration. The day would not have been what is was without you. You are a credit to the profession and to yourself.

Much love, Myra and Nick
— Myra & Nick

John & Briana  |  Hope Beach, South Arm, Tasmania

John & Briana  |  Hope Beach, South Arm, Tasmania

venue  |  family home at South Arm, Tasmania
photo  |  Fiona Vail Photography + Cassie Sullivan Weddings 
florals  |  Flora Gondwana
style  |  John + his mates!

John & Briana

John + Briana chose a private and intimate location for their ceremony - a cosy haven in a Pine forest with sunlight flickering through the trees. They carefully considered their ceremony space, putting enormous time and energy into creating this majestic place - handmade wooden benches for guest seating, a beautiful driftwood arbour, and each guest chose a sea shell to hold with warm loving thoughts as they placed these in a circle-of-love on the forest floor. 

Hi Merren, thank you so so much! Our day was actually perfect - we can’t believe it!
Thank you for putting so much effort in creating a perfect ceremony for us.
Thank you for being so lovely and calm on the day and for all your help - even helping mum with platters!
You truly are the best celebrant we have ever come across and it’s obvious you put all your heart and soul into what you do. Lots of love x
— John & Briana

Jerry & Alice  |  St David's Park, Hobart, Tasmania

Jerry & Alice  |  St David's Park, Hobart, Tasmania

venue  |  St David's Park, Hobart, Tasmania
photo  |  Fred and Hannah
florals  |  Milkbud

Jerry & Alice

Jerry + Alice first met when travelling in Australia and they instantly fell in love with Tasmania.  They organised their wedding from Hong Kong, and just over a month later they arrived in Hobart. We intimately celebrated not only the love between themselves, but the love they have for 3 beautiful people - their treasured family. We stood close to Jerry and Alice as they spoke words of love with tears in their eyes, warming our hearts. 

Merren is a wonderful person and celebrant. She has lots of beautiful and creative ideas to wed couples. She is well organised - we just planned to get married in Hobart six weeks before the wedding and Merren gave excellent assistance for us. We appreciate this a lot. It was a great honour for us to have Merren as our celebrant. Love Alice and Jerry xx
— Jerry & Alice

Meagan+James-354 copy.jpeg

venue  |  Shene Estate, Tasmania
photo  |  Rosie Hastie Photography
florals  |  Lisa Kingston Flowers
guitarist  |  Luke Parry

Meagan & James

‘… when I am beside you I’m leaping and bounding, so proud I can hardly contain my heart pounding. I love you, I love you, in so many ways, over thousands of years, over billions of days…’

Meagan and James’ wedding gave us goosebumps! Full of strength and grace, they celebrated their love at the majestic Shene Estate. They gave thanks to their grandparents for being the most wonderful examples of how love can last a lifetime… and their bridal party showered them with the best Rose petal cannons I have ever seen!

‘Our wedding day has been described as magical. 
Our beautiful ceremony at Shene Estate was an incredibly meaningful celebration of our love for each other. 
The love and joy that Merren brought to our ceremony was infectious. 
Not only between us, but amongst all of our closest family and friends. 
Love, tears and laughter were shared amongst us all throughout the ceremony, bringing everyone together in happiness. 
We are truly thankful to Merren for making our perfect day undoubtedly perfect! 
Lots of love, Meagan and James’
— Meagan & James